Photos by Shawn Musgrave

If you like to grow things, it’s a particularly good time to live in Somerville, MA.  There is an energetic crop of young gardeners sprouting up and a long standing tradition of “old timers” from whom to learn. Add a dash of appreciation for local food, and you’ve got a real movement happening. One place that welcomes both old and new is the Somerville Garden Club (SGC). Founded in 1994, the SGC promotes home gardening as well as the horticultural possibilities of Somerville’s public spaces.

SGC’s volunteers play a vital roll in planting and maintaining several public spaces in the city: the Main Library, the West Branch Library, the interior garden of the Powderhouse Rotary, Milk Row Cemetery and the Somerville Museum. In addition to volunteer events, SGC holds monthly meetings featuring guest speakers on a variety of horticultural topics. The meetings are open to the public and you don’t need to live in Somerville to attend or to become a SGC member. SGC also produces a seriously good monthly newsletter, highlighting a “plant of the month” and providing information on what to watch for and tasks to perform in the garden each month. SGC is a community for people who like plants to meet other people who like plants and talk about….well, er…plants. It’s the perfect place for the novice and the expert to share knowledge and resources. Check out their website for upcoming events and for more information on becoming a member, volunteering and gardening in the ‘Ville!

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