(This is the best idea I have heard in a long time!)

As you walk around the city, you have probably noticed numerous fruit trees dripping with apples, cherries, peaches and plums. Sadly, it seems no one harvests them anymore.  Enter LurC: The League of Urban Canners This an all volunteer group started in 2011 in the Somerville/Cambridge area. They harvest unwanted fruit for tree owners before it falls off the tree and makes a mess. They then take the fruit and make jelly or jam and give a percentage back to the owner. There is no charge for their harvesting, and it really is a community-friendly focused process that harkens back to agricultural days when families and farmers helped each other with harvesting. In the past four weeks alone, they have harvested 1200 lbs of fruit! (holy WOW!) This is a wonderful service for people who physically cannot pick their fruit; it prevents food from going to waste; and lessens the amount of fruit that falls on the ground, rots and can attract rodents. For more information, contact or visit their website (linked above). To arrange some harvesting, call Sam at 617-625-3822.

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