Somerville Farmers Markets 2012!

Lately, there has been some real buzz about the City of Somerville’s commitment to healthy lifestyles for residents. Perhaps you read the Boston Globe article featuring Somerville in a discussion about measuring the success of anti-obesity campaigns. Or, you may have heard Mayor Curtatone on NPR this week talking about the Shape Up Somerville Program. It’s worth a listen; find it here. Since its founding in 2003, Shape Up has become a national model for anti-obesity programs and certainly an innovation the City and its residents can brag about. One of the many awesome things to come from it is the proliferation of farmers markets in Somerville. Every week, at 7 different locations throughout the ‘Ville, fresh, local fruits and vegetables are sold.  And, even more fantastic is that a mobile market truck drives around selling produce to different neighborhoods. (think ice-cream truck, but with beets instead of popsicles…yeah, that’s cool)  And for those of us who feel everyone should be able to afford good, healthy food, if you receive SNAP EBT benefits, you get $2 worth of food for every SNAP dollar you spend at the markets.

Check out this MAP with the locations and times of the markets.  And, visit a farmers market this week, because as the Mayor put it, “This is not about losing weight, it’s about how we live.”

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