to ride the healthy bus…..

This afternoon, the Somerville Fruit and Vegetable Bus stopped at City Hall.  The Shape-Up Somerville program sponsors the healthy mobile market-  a bus that sells fresh produce from Enterprise Farm (How cool is THAT?)  It moves throughout the city in response to a need for fresh fruits in vegetables in low income neighborhoods (sometimes identified as “food deserts.”)  Today, City Hall employees gathered to purchase herbs (grown at the South Street Farm), as well as kale, collards, carrots and a vegetable that I have never heard of: Callaloo.  Employees were thrilled to be able to buy fresh food at work.  It was like the ice cream truck coming, only with beets! I must admit that the Swiss chard they were selling made our City Hall garden chard look pretty puny, but the idea that people of all different income levels have access to nutritious foods is a pretty important one.  You can learn more about the Fruit & Vegetable Bus (aka the mobile market)  and other farmer’s markets in this great article entitled "An Urge For Urban Ag."

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