City Hall gardeners are concentrating on staking the tomatoes this week. It’s pretty simple. The stakes help the plants stay upright in the wind and rain and guide their growth. We’ll be loosely tying the plants to the stakes with some string. Some people prefer those tomato cages, but we try to do more with less around here.

Tomato time brings up that endless debate:” to sucker? or not to sucker?” Some gardeners swear that you need to remove the suckers so that more energy goes to the fruit, while others prefer the “let them be” approach. We’ll get more into this debate as the season continues, but for now, let’s just get familiar with what a sucker is. As branches sprout off of the main stem, there are often smaller sprouts that grow in the crotch of where stem and branch meet. You can simply snip these off with your fingers and should continue to do so as the plant grows.